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AGFF 2013

Deadline for Entries: March 10th, 2013

What is the American Graduate Student Film Festival?

The American Graduate Student Film Festival (AGFF) is an online video competition for students ages 10 to 19 to engage youth about the high student dropout crisis. AGFF is a program of the National Black Programming Consortium and the American Graduate initiative supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). You can learn more about the drop out issue at

Are there prizes?

Yes! Members of each winning team can win up cool prizes like an iPad, iPod Touch or $100 gift certificate. Prizes are awarded to individuals and teams consisting of a maximum of five members. The winning team will be flown with a chaperone to Washington, DC to receive their prize.

Who can enter the competition?

Submissions can come from students currently enrolled in middle or high school. Individuals or a group with a maximum of five team members are also eligible to submit a project.

What can I do to win?

You can create your own original short form video, PSA, music video, or animation (including animated graphic novel). The maximum length is five minutes (including 60 seconds max credits).
You will be competing with students from around the country, so be creative and innovative. Give us something we haven’t seen before on the subject.

Where can I watch and vote for my favorite AGFF 2013 videos?

You can watch and vote for (“like”) your favorite AGFF official submissions March 18 – 25 on YouTube:

What must be the themes of videos submitted to the festival?

Any of the following themes will be acceptable when judging for official selections into AGFF 2013.

  • Vulnerable Students: Why are some students more vulnerable to dropping out? What are their stories and how have some overcome these challenges? What are the external forces that keep students from succeeding and how can young people over come them?
  • The Role of Youth in Dropout Prevention: Young people can play an important role in saving themselves and/or helping each other.
  • Not so Old School: How can schools, parents and communities be more effective in helping students facing academic or social challenges succeed in school?

As you can see, we want your videos to challenge us with exciting stories, new ways of addressing the issues, and bring new solutions to bear from a youth perspective.

When will the competition begin?

Submissions for the festival will only be accepted until March 1st, 2013. Official selections will go live online on March 18th, 2013 when official voting begins. Voting ends at 5:00 PM EST, Monday, March 25th, 2013 before the primetime PBS premiere of “180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School.” Winners will be announced at the 180 Days website and via Facebook and Twitter. Winners will also be notified via email at that date and time.

What is “180 Days: A Year Inside An American School”

Following the day-to-day stories of students, parents, teachers and staff at the Washington Metropolitan High School (DC MET), “180 Days: Inside An American High School” is an intimate portrait of a public school that attempts to make a difference in the lives of students each and every day. To learn more visit the 180 Days webpage.

Can I, or my team enter more than one video?

Yes! Make sure they are of high quality to improve your chances of winning. Use a separate form for each entry.

What are the judges looking for in the selections for the online festival?

Your submission will be judged on clarity of message, creativity, and originality, as well as how informative, inspiring, and engaging your message is.

How are the winning videos selected?

The public selects the winners by popular vote on YouTube. Winners will have received the most likes on their videos. (Note, most likes, not views.) All likes must be in by 3:00 PM EST, Monday, March 25th in order to be counted. So get your family, friends, classmates and neighborhood involved in the voting at the AGFF YouTube channel:

What do I need to do to get ready?

  • Read the rules carefully.
  • Pull together your team. All team members must be students. Develop your ideas, script, cast your characters, and produce your best product.
  • Submit your entries on time!

How do I submit my project?

STEP 1: Click here to complete your AGFF 2013 Entry Form

STEP 2: Click the button below to upload your video using the YouTube uploader. (Note: You must have a YouTube account to use the uploader.)

FINAL STEP: 30-second dance party, congratulations you’re done!

Submission Sandbox

If you have your great idea ready to go here are some resources you might need.

Download the AGFF 2013 Production Guidelines (*.PDF)
Download the AGFF 2013 Personal Appearance Release (*.PDF)
Download Royalty Free Music Clips (via
Download Production Images for the 180 Days documentary (via
Download Rights-cleared Video Clips (via
Download Festival Sponsors Video Tags for Credits (via

Flash Festival Toolkit

The following are only required for local stations and community partners hosting 24-hour local production festivals for AGFF 2013.

Download the AGFF 2013 Flash Festival Parent Permission Form (*.PDF)
Download the AGFF 2013 Flash Festival Production Guidelines (*.PDF)

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