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Gearing Up and Moving Forward

A quick update for everyone:

The Beta project is now over! And, at least from my view, it went very well. After a short break, we are now gearing up here at the PublicMediaCorps to move forward and build on several of our projects.

On the technology side we are getting ready to do some shifts in various respects, some of which should bring greater technology capabilities to the communities, including Open Source Technology.

For those of you that haven’t been following my twitter and feeds @pmctechblog (and you should be) here are a few exciting things that have happened since my last official blog post in Free and Open Source Software:

Blender: I talked a bit about Blender and 3D animation last time, but some more updates have come out and they are now on Blender 2.56. The bigger news is that Blender 2.57 finally be an official, or ‘out of beta’ release. Voting has also now begun for their 2010 Game Competition for those that may be interested.

MLTMelt: MLTMelt is a major framework behind OpenShot and other Open Source Video Editors like Kdenlive. The 0.6.0 version has recently been released, which marks a major step forward. Hopefully after some testing has been done we’ll see some repositories (like Ubuntu’s default repositories, hint hint) updating with this latest version soon.

With these two programs getting major updates, hopefully we’ll soon get a new, improved OpenShot to Utilise these upgrades. Speaking of which, I’ve found a few bug fixes for some recurring issues in OpenShot on Ubuntu, which can now be found in the Ubuntu Forums and Open Shot forums if you encounter them. If anyone is interested in a more details, leave a comment and I may include some guides in a future post.

On the web side, I’m now building up my Drupal skills for use with some of our projects and websites. And hey, just in time, as Drupal 7 just came out as an official release.

Things are definitely moving forward. Stay tuned.

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