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What’s the Deal with Dropping Out?

Recent studies from the National Center for Education Statistics show that out of 12,000 students who attend public high school in DC in the year 2006-07, only 2,944 graduated. A stunning statistic, and one that gets more difficult to stomach when you focus in on the schools located in low-income neighborhoods.

“What’s Good DC?” takes on the task of finding out what’s really going on here. Bringing the discussion out of the clouds of statistics, and into the daily lives of the teens who live it everyday. Why are so many young minds inclined to the drop-out syndrome? And what does this do for the value of education in the minds of those young teens who stay? What does the road back to success look like for young drop outs?

These and other challenging questions are put before our young teens, and they answer very candidly. Can we handle it? Please feel free to share some of your thoughts/comments on the drop out problem.

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