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American Graduate Student Film Festival

The American Graduate Student Film Festival (AGFF) is an online video competition for students ages 10 to 19 designed to engage youth in the conversation about the high school dropout rate. AGFF is a program of the National Black Programming … Continue reading

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Determined to be free in ’63

What would you march for in 2013? In 1963, African Americans wanted jobs, fair housing and safer communities. Fifty years ago, on August 28, civil rights leaders came together to produce the largest peaceful demonstration in U.S. history. Join PBS Black Culture … Continue reading

Latino Teen Film Festival

Latino Teen Flash Film Festival – Over the course of one weekend, Latino youth from Columbia, S.C. worked to create short videos that shed light on the immigration issue from their perspective. The Appleseed Legal Justice Center provided the students with the latest … Continue reading

Music is the Key

The students at Ballou Senior High School Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) created a song about how music can be used to keep students away from negative influences and reengage them in school.    

Music is the Key
Black History Moment: Crystaleen Gordon

Crystaleen is interviewing her English teacher Ms. Lewis about her Black History hero. Created by the Washington Metropolitan High School (DC MET) Digital Media Arts Club.    

Who is Your Black History Month Hero?

Black history month reminds us to take time to acknowledge and reflect on African American spiritual, cultural and intellectual figures whose accomplishments we all benefit from today. My students are working on a project that highlights important African American people … Continue reading

dc met

The students at Ballou Senior High School Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) created a song about refusing to allow life’s adversities to stop them. School is their Focus.

Join dMAC (Public Media Corps, New Orleans)

The students at the Central City Library in New Orleans Digital Media Arts Club (dMAC) created a video blog post to introduce you to the club members and tell you about the skills they are learning in dMAC.  

dMAC students are creating a storyboard for their next video.
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